Ingredients Available at a Port Near You

Our Ingredients are available almost anywhere in the world, and part of our relationship with our domestic and international partners is to find a shipping method that maintains the quality of our ingredients while remaining efficient and affordable.

For international shipping, we utilize rail lines and truck freight to deliver our products to the seaport in New Orleans, Louisiana, and by truck freight exclusively to the Port of Houston, Texas.

Our Seguin, Texas location is on the Union Pacific (UP) railroad line and our Forest, Mississippi location uses the Kansas City Southern (KCS) railroad line to transport to the Port at New Orleans, Louisiana.

Shipping and Packaging that Fits Your Needs

We offer a variety of packaging methods and modes of shipping match your needs. We choose the best shipping method for each of our ingredients to ensure that they're fresh and to your specifications when you get them.

  • Our meals may be packed in one ton flexible intermediate bulk container, bulk container or hopper bottom truck.
  • Our fats are packaged in bladders inside shipping containers or loaded into tanker trucks.
  • Our blends are bulk-loaded into hopper bottom trucks or shipping containers.
  • Our frozen wet pet ingredients are 50 lb. nude blocks.
  • Our fresh wet pet ingredients are 2,000 lb. combos for transport in refrigerated trucks or in chilled tanker trucks for domestic bulk transport.
  • Our dried chicken cartilage mix is packaged in 50lb. bags on shipping pallets.