Introduction to Rendering

The rendering process helps protect the environment and is critical to agricultural sustainability. Rendering breaks down and cooks the parts of the chicken people don’t eat into proteins and fats for valuable ingredients that go into animal feed and pet food. According to the National Renderers Association, nearly 20 billion pounds of feed and ingredients are produced each year from rendering. Through the rendering process, we recycle and produce valuable products instead of sending them to a landfill, helping Tyson be more efficient and environmentally friendly. For more information on rendering, visit the National Renderers Association, or watch their video.

Did You Know?
Facts from the National Renderers Association

Rendering converts 99% of meat and meat by-products. If all renderable products were landfilled, the entire available space would be full in four years and pose a serious health threat Rendering produces far fewer emissions than landfilling or composting.

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Rendering Process